Jesuit schools must provide a curriculum and a school environment that helps young women and young men focus on:

  1. forming their consciences
  2. learning from the Jesus of the Gospels how to match their talents to the needs of their times
  3. balancing social and political points of view in discourse steeped in Ignatian discernment that leads if not to agreement, then to mutual respect and a desire for reconciliation

So as to help our schools promote and foster this environment, the Jesuit Schools Network engaged in a strategic planning process that helped us fundamentally articulate our mission, shared values and commitments, priorities and goals.


The Jesuit Schools Network promotes the educational ministry of the Society of Jesus in service to the Catholic Church by strengthening Jesuit schools for the mission of Jesus Christ.

Vision and Shared Commitments

To meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and to support Jesuit schools in carrying out the mission of the Society of Jesus, JSN will:

  • Facilitate Ignatian leadership development for a faith that does justice
  • Nurture and strengthen relationships that promote dialogue and collaboration
  • Be alert to the context and experience of culture, then reflect and be nimble to respond
  • Promote the education of the whole person — body, mind, soul
  • Encourage innovation and creativity
  • Engage with the broader Jesuit and education communities


  • The Formation and Support of Jesuit Catholic Identity
  • Discerning a Response to the Signs of the Times
  • Engagement Across and Beyond the Jesuit Schools Network of North America

These three goals highlight areas of immediate attention that the JSN Board, Presidents, Principals, and Mission/Ignatian Formation Directors asked for to help schools fulfill their mission.

The Spiritual Exercises

The JSN will encourage adults in the network to have an experience of the Spiritual Exercises, not just a knowledge of the Exercises, and actively promote opportunities for spiritual retreats.

Thinking for the Future

The JSN will conduct research through partner organizations and Jesuit universities to provide professional studies on relevant, strategically chosen issues to inform decision-making at schools and provinces.

Board Mission Formation

The JSN will work wth Mission Identity Committees of Jesuit schools’ boards to provide resources that highlight the Jesuit mission at the schools in light of General Congregation 36.